Project Description

In situ oxygen dynamics in seagrass.

How waves and currents affect oxygen in the rhizome of Posidonia sinuosa.

This experiment focused on understanding oxygen dynamics in the rhizomes of Posidonia sinuosa. Oxygen micro sensors were deployed in situ in roots or rhizomes. Oceanographic instruments were deployed throughout the study area to measure the hydrodynamic environment. Measurements of in situ internal aeration and hydrodynamic processes were then analysed to understand the connection between the physical environment and the oxygen within the rhizome of Posidonia sinuosa.

Matthew Fraser, Gary Kendrick, Ryan Lowe, Belinda Martin, Ylva Olsen,  Ole Pedersen

Project Funding
Department of Defence (Commonwealth of Australia), ARC Linkage Grant (LP130100155), Western Australian Marine Science Institution Dredging Science Node (Project 3.3)

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