Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Small Island Developing Nations2018-04-16T01:45:53+00:00

Project Description

Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Small Island Developing Nations

Short Course

In the context of real world examples, this course aimed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to participant in the Coastal Zone Management process. The key learning objectives were:

  • explain the coastal vulnerability of small island nations and the impact of a changing climate to these nations;
  • describe and analyse nearshore processes with an emphasis on reef fringed island nations using a variety of tools to understand and predict these processes;
  • assess the impact of nearshore processes on coastal structures and beach erosion, and identify strategies to manage and/or mitigate this impact;
  • communicate the need for a co-ordinated and integrated management approach to address coastal issues and identify their role.
  • describe the key elements of a coastal zone management strategy and identify if policy and regulation development is required.

Participant home countries:
Mauritius, Rodriguez

Course Coordinator and Facilitator

Project Funding
Government of Mauritius (The Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Disaster and Beach Management)

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