Dr Andrew W.M. Pomeroy

I am a coastal engineer and oceanographer. I undertake fundamental and applied research that investigates the physical processes that occur in coastal waters in order to understand their impact, develop strategies to effectively respond and increase resilience.

Focus areas


Interactions with the physical environment

Reef Environments

Waves, currents and the transport of material

Benthic Communities

Flow through benthic communities

Coastal Evolution

Erosion and accretion of coastlines

Effecting change

Working with Communities, Government and Businesses to develop policy, strategy and skills

3D models of our world

Imaging and creation of 3D models of our underwater environments

Field Data Acquisition

Measurement, analysis and impact of waves, currents and sediment transport

Numerical modelling

Understanding and predicting how physical processes affect and shape the coastal zone

Laboratory studies

Focusing in detail to understand complex processes, their impact and their importance


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Storlazzi, Curt D; Cheriton, Olivia; Rosenberger, Kurt; Pomeroy, Andrew W M; and, Ryan Lowe J

The influence of Sea Level on Incident and Infragravity Wave-Driven Sediment Dynamics across a fringing coral reef Conference Forthcoming

Coastal Sediments 2019, Forthcoming.


Rosenberger, Kurt; Storlazzi, Curt D; Pomeroy, Andrew W M; Cheriton, Olivia; Lowe, Ryan J; Hansen, Jeff

Spatial and Temporal variability in ripple formation and migration across a coral reef flat and lagoon Conference Forthcoming

Coastal Sediments 2019, Forthcoming.


Pomeroy, Andrew W M; Storlazzi, Curt; Rosenberger, Kurt; Hatcher, Gerry; Warrick, Jonathan

Integrating structure from motion, number modelling and field measurements to understand carbonate sediment transport in coral reef canopies Conference Forthcoming

Coastal Sediments 2019, Forthcoming.



Pomeroy, Andrew W M; Sequeira, Ana M M

Aquaculture Book Chapter

Techera, Erika; Winter, Gundula (Ed.): Marine Extremes: Ocean Safety, Marine Health and the Blue Economy, Chapter 10, pp. 256, Routledge, 1, 2019.


Greenslade, Diana; Hemer, Mark; Babanin, Alex; Lowe, Ryan; Turner, Ian; Power, Hannah; Young, Ian; Ierodiaconou, Daniel; Hibbert, Greg; Williams, Greg; Aijaz, Saima; Albuquerque, João; Allen, Stewart; Anstee, Stuart; Banner, Michael; Branson, Paul; Buchan, Steve; Burton, Andrew; Bye, John; Cartwright, Nick; Chabchoub, Amin; Colberg, Frank; Contardo, Stephanie; Dufois, Francois; Earl-Spurr, Craig; Elliott, Grant; Farr, David; Flynn, Jan; Goodwin, Ian; Gunson, Jim; Hansen, Jeff; Hanslow, David; Harley, Mitchell; Hetzel, Yasha; Hoeke, Ron; Jones, Nicole; Kinsela, Michael; Liu, Qingxiang; Makarynskyy, Oleg; Marcollo, Hayden; Mazaheri, Said; McConochie, Jason; Millar, Grant; Moltmann, Tim; Moodie, Neal; Morim, Joao; Morison, Russel; Orszaghova, Jana; Pattiaratchi, Charitha; Pomeroy, Andrew; Proctor, Roger; Provis, David; Reef, Ruth; Rijnsdorp, Dirk; Rutherford, Martin; Schulz, Eric; Shayer, Jake; Splinter, Kristen; Steinberg, Craig; Strauss, Darrell; Stuart, Greg; Symonds, Graham; Tarbath, Karina; Taylor, Paul; Taylor, Daniel; Taylor, James; Thotagamuwage, Darshani; Toffoli, Alessandro; Valizadeh, Alireza; van Hazel, Jonathan; da Silva, Guilherme Vieira; Wandres, Moritz; Whittaker, Colin; Williams, David; Winter, Gundula; Xu, Jiangtao; Zed, Matthew; Zhong, Aihong; Zieger, Stefan

15 priorities for Australian wind-waves research: A publication from the Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography Surface Waves Working Group (White Paper) Workshop Forthcoming


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